A small preview of PivotX 2.2.

By Bob den OtterFriday 01 October 2010

We're currently working on PivotX 2.2, and we'd like to show you a few of the things you can expect to see in the next version. The upcoming release will contain a couple of nice new features, which are detailed below. We have a firm outline of what will be done for this upcoming version, so it won't take nearly as long as the time between PivotX 2.0 and 2.1. In fact, it should be released sometime in november.

The major new features that are planned for 2.2 are:

  • There's a new Debugbar, which will be of great use when you're working on a new website. It shows you the current PivotX modifiers, as well as information about which templates are used, server variables, cookies and more. (see the screenshots below)
  • The Entries screen has been revamped: It has better options for filtering and pagination. Best of all: the filters are more persistent. If you've filtered the entries, and then edited an entry, you will return to the same active filter in the overview screen.
  • A lot of smaller fixes and changes are made to streamline the interface of the PivotX backend, so everything is more consistent. A lot of the graphic elements will be touched up, and all configuration screens will have a similar "save"-button. Less ajaxy save-shizzle, more consistency!
  • Plus some other odds and ends, like the fact that we're going to use the Plupload uploader for all file uploads, and the search results will be fully customizable.

We'll do incremental releases every other monday, so the tentative release schedule for PivotX 2.2 will be:

  • october 11: 2.2 beta 1
  • october 25: 2.2 beta 2
  • november 8: 2.2 RC
  • november 15: 2.2 final

After PivotX 2.2 is released our main focus will be PivotX 3.0. This will be a major new version, with a bunch of new features and a completely overhauled interface. When we're going to start with that, we'll be asking for input from our current users. This way we'll get a better idea of how people currently achieve the things they do in PivotX, and we'll be able to make those tasks easier and quicker to do.

PivotX docs

For support questions please visit the PivotX forum or search the PivotX book:


I heard a rumor about changes in how the search results will be presented (no more content tag). Are there plans to include this in 2.2?

Looking goohooood!

Yes, there will be a new [ [searchresults] ].. tag, that will allow you to style the search results.

I would call that a 'major new feature'! And since I'm asking stuff anyway...threaded comments?

Schop: I did mention it in the fourth bullet point.

Threaded comments, no, not as a part of the core at least. Not because we don't want to, but we _do_ want to keep the amount of new stuff limited, so we can get this one out as a stable release sooner.

Oops...totally missed that...stopped reading that bullet point at "other odds and ends"

Just started using PivotX, I'm really impressed! Glad there's a big update and a whole version update in the works.

I really like the idea that there are two updates coming. Especially PivotX 3 with a new interface. I'm wondering about how it will look (more stylish?) and how things are rearranged. But also about new features. I always install new releases for my own website, but I don't know if I'm gonna do that for all other websites I made, because not every client wants to learn a new way of doing things.

Well... After waiting for about 2 years... customizable layout of searchresults!


Cool :)

We needed two years to accomplish that Dwaas ;)

[quote]We needed two years to accomplish that Dwaas ;) [/quote]

And I'm very thankfull... and after all this time I've got some very high expectations :D (but I'm sure, I'm not going to be disappointed ;) )

Thanks again

Waiting for the first beta of PivotX 2.2...

Can't wait to install it!

Can you add feature support Chinese key work search in blog

Hans "hansfn" Nordhaug

Yes, this will hopefully be included in PivotX 2.2. We just hadn't time to complete this for 2.1.

What happened to the tentative release schedule?

Work happened, and showstopper bugs that need fixing. :-/

There's one crucial bug we need to fix (pagination in the new entries screen is broken after applying a filter), but after that we're good to go. I think all dates on the tentative schedule will shift one week.

Wouldn;t it be awwesome to be able to create custom entry types, and be able to choose what fields are used in that specific type?

Example: A custom type 'Product' with fields: price, size, description, image.

Djoey: You can do that in PivotX already, with some customisation. It's not perfect, but it works: http://www.windmillwebwork.com/pivotx/ad..


Is it save to download the 2.2b1 from pivtox.net/files or do we have to wait for the 'official' release?

Willem: If you feel like living on the edge: Sure.. If you download things out of the 'unstable' folder, just realize that it's not labeled as such for nothing. ;-)

The 'official' 2.2b1 release is coming up, though. I just have to write the blogposting for it.

Although I'm always curious about the development of PivotX, I will wait for the official release.

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