First beta of Bolt released.

By Bob den OtterTuesday 02 October 2012

As we've posted about last week, we're working on Pivot 4, as well as a new project named Bolt. We've just released the first public beta of that new project on it's own shiny new website. Please visit, as well as the page about the announcement for the first beta.

PivotX docs

For support questions please visit the PivotX forum or search the PivotX book:

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sigh I'm using lighttpd.
I'll wait for my new SD car to arrive and then I'll give a try to Bolt with Apache on my Raspberry Pi.

If i had access to a server running lighttpd, i could do some testing. I _think_ it ought to work out of the box, except for the 'htaccess'.. Try this, and let me know how it goes:


Your bolt website has been flagged by FortiGuard as a phishing site.

Just a heads up.

Hans "hansfn" Nordhaug

Thx for the warning, but I can't confirm it at Do you have any other way to verify your claim?

Sorry for the late reply, I only remembered about it today. Here is a screenshot I took from our office

Hans "hansfn" Nordhaug

Thx, I could confirm at it