PivotX 2.2.2 released

By Bob den OtterTuesday 11 January 2011

Today - right after we released version 2.2.1 - we were notified about three security related issues in PivotX. Even though these issues are not directly exploitable by ill-willing people, it is our policy to fix any and all security related matters immediately. This 2.2.2 release, which comes hot on the heels of 2.2.1, fixes these issues, and as such it is a recommended upgrade for all users of PivotX 2.x.

The release can be downloaded from this location: pivotx.net/files/pivotx_latest.zip (or pivotx.net/files/pivotx_latest.tgz, if you prefer .tgz files). For setup instructions, we point you to our documentation: Getting the files & installing. If you're having trouble downloading the files, you can also download them from our sourceforge mirror.

PivotX docs

For support questions please visit the PivotX forum or search the PivotX book:

three comments

The ZIP-file appeares to be broken: "Unexpected end of archive" is te message.

Hans "hansfn" Nordhaug

Thx for the feedback, but the zip-file is fine. It's just the download that fails. Try to download it from the SourceForge mirror or trying downloading again later.

Thanks for your help, I've got the right ZIP-file now. Looks very nice the new PivotX!